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About Me

I'm Clara, an 18 years old French pixel artist/3D model artist. I'm passionate about drawing and video games, so I've merged both by creating pixel art game assets!

I started drawing when I was a kid, and quickly got into digital art. At some point, while playing Minecraft, I got into a server staff team while they were making a custom texture pack: That's when I got into pixel art!

Since then, I worked for a bunch of Minecraft servers and for indie games through Fiverr, BuiltByBit, or simply Discord!

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Explore some of my pixel art works in the portfolio below!

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Etherion Online - 2023
Was part of the Graphics Team of Etherion Online, a small indie RPG on mobile and Steam, where I would make items for their seasonal battlepass and special events.

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Mythonia - 2019/2021
I worked as a pixel artist under contract for Mythonia, an innovative Minecraft server which included a custom texture pack with pixel art textures and 3D models, being fully functional in Minecraft 1.8.

GraalonlineZone - 2018/2019
I was part of the Graphics Team of GraalonlineZone, a small mobile social RPG, where I would make cosmetics, weapons and other assets for holidays or special events.

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Those are my main experiences, but I did work on multiple other projects, such as Corleone Online, DraconityMC, CatCraft, CubeConoly, etc!
Don't hesitate to check my Fiverr for reviews of past customers!